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Paul Heywood

In my paintings the aim is to create images that work purely as areas of two-dimensional colour. The scale of marks relates directly to the size and format of the canvas. My concern is not with tonal variations that might distract and create ambiguities of depth. In leaving a white surround and sometimes separating shapes and colours 1 am emphasising to maximum effect the simplicity and vibrancy of the image. In the large acrylics on canvas the paint is generally used to a very thin consistency to create 'veils' or glazes of colour. In contrast the oil pastels are heavily built up to achieve richness and depth.

1968 One Man Show, Duncan Street Gallery, Toronto
1970 One Man Show, The Richmond Gallery
1972-1979 Various Mixed Shows, Richmond and London
1980 One Man Show, Thelma Watt Gallery W1
1980 Mixed Show, Neal Street Gallery W1
1981 One Man Show (held for six weeks), Fitzroy Gallery W1 (Now the Curwen)
1982 Various Mixed Shows, Richmond and London
1984 Envirolmental Sculpture plus Constractions, Commissioned for The Richmond American College Kensington
1986-1989 Various Mixed Shows, Richmond and London
1989 Mixed Show, Howard Gallery
1991-present Permanent Collection, East West Gallery W11
1997 One Man Show, Stables Gallery, Orleans House, Twickenham
1997 Batersea Contemporary Art Fair
1998 Batersea Contemporary Art Fair
1998 Commissioned for "Farington Bars", City of London, 12 paintings
1998 One Man Show, Clapham Art Gallery
1998 Mixed Show, Clapham Art Gallery
1999 Batersea Contemporary Art Fair