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Teresa Poole

Teresa Poole
Flat 3
Tilbury House
30 Bisley Road

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Teresa’s statement

Inspired by Japanese screens and artwork of the 17th and 18th century, I want to explore the relationship between art and the beholder, and how a painting affects its surroundings and the emotions of an onlooker. I’m trying to perceive nature through the eyes of the Japanese artist, and not simply to copy it. The balance of a line is there for a reason, it has a beginning and an end, bringing balance and harmony to an image. I use metal leaf, colour and composition to realize these concepts, and to draw the onlooker into an enchanted more peaceful world.

Inspiration for Teresa Poole's unique paintings can be credited to her past work as a fine-arts restorer, interior designer, and mural painter. She was emotionally moved by the sense of history in the antiques on which she worked, training which provided her with a lifelong respect for the stylistic traditions in visual arts of all historical periods. Teresa sees her own work metaphorically as a garden, and indeed whether portraying delicate sakura petals against a background of mustard-toned hillocks, Japanese-panel-inspired portraits, or applying gold leaf to trompe-l’oeil wall displays, her works are not only visually stunning, but resonant with her long emotional attachments as well.

Although their forms may hearken back to traditional Asian designs, these are highly personal works, displaying Teresa’s artistic choices, informed by her years of experience and love of all aspects of visual design. Her vibrant and daring mix of traditions and styles continues to bring forth radiant art that is a powerful hybrid of Western visual strategies and Eastern tranquility.


Oct 2, 1963

1982 – 1983
Cheltenham art college Foundation course.

1984 – 1986
Furniture painter for renowned designer Thomas Messel, training to paint Grissaile designs onto furniture. in the antiques trade restoring and painting

1986 -1994
Freelance decorative artist working reproduction and original Chinese and Japanese lacquerware and furniture. She also completed commissions for murals in private and commercial properties including Brocket Hall (Herts), the QE2, the Hilton hotel in Cyprus, private houses in Italy, and various other sites.

1994 - 1999
Based in Stroud, Gloucestershire, she painted Gustavian reproduction furniture for Scumble Goosie and various well-known interior designers

1999 to 2005
Worked in Florida, USA producing murals, trompe l'oiel and paint effects.

2005 to present
Freelance artist specializing in Japanese art, and also undertaking commissions for prestigious clients such as Calcot Manor, and cruise ships.

Exhibited at Stroud open studios.
Exhibition at Natural Health Clinic in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire.
Exhibitor on minigallery online website

Exhibited at Pegasus Art shop Stroud.
Exhibited at Open Studios Stroud.
Commissioned by The Art Group publishing company London.
New website launched
Commissioned by Winner of Hotel of the year winner Calcot Manor for artwork for drawing rooms and paint finishes on main landing. Also artwork for bedrooms and various murals.
Exhibited at Kendrick St Gallery, Stroud

Exhibited at Open Studios Stroud
Represented by Agora Gallery, New York
Artwork sold in US through Art-Mine online gallery
Represented by Art Group, London
Work reviewed by US ar magazie ArtIsSpectrum
Commissioned by Calcot Manor and various private clients
Exhibition at Slimbridge Widlife Trust Gloucestershire