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Dariya Afanaseva

Artist's Statement

All my works are dedicated to the themes of relationship and sensation translated on a language of painting. For example, relationship between people. Relationships human about him/her self and to outward things. And some of my works are about memories and thoughts. And also it is interesting for me to reproduce an eluding moment, an impression in a matter of seconds, fragments of life. Just because everything depends on nuance.
Three main styles I work in are abstractionism, expressionism and a bit of pop-art. But these styles are not just as they are, it`s always a combination of them.
Some of my Abstract works represent things that aren't visual, such an emotion, mood, feeling, sound and so on. These works are very association.
My figurative abstractions are simplifications of reality, where detail is eliminated from recognisable objects leaving only the essence or some degree of recognizable form.
Some works are expressive. I just let my intuition guide me. Not to thinking, not to be doubt of anything. It is about trusting the process and setting free the instincts.
And also I like decorativeness and beauty of coloring.

My choice of medium are acrylic and mixed media for now.