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Sergej Hahonin

Sergej Hahonin ,born 28th of May in 1953, in the city of Chernogorsk in Russian minority in the republic of Hakasia.

As a 4-year old child he won the award for the best painting in Soviet Union drawn by a pre-school child. In 1977, he finished the art school in Surikova, Krasnojarsk, performing with Excellency in the field of design. After serving in military he was employed as a teacher in art school in the city of Cernogorsk.

1982 – 1984 he studied in pedagogic university of Maksima Gorskega in the city of Omsk. In 1985, he continued to study in a sibirian art academy in Krasnojarsk, (specializing in ceramics and pottery), where he gained diploma by making an object made from porcelain, themed ‘wind, earth, sea’. During 1985 – 1991, he was employed in a national company of arts and folklore design as an artist and manager of the modern arts department.

In 1990, on the basis of numerous successes in arts, he gained many recommendations to take part in the union of painters and sculpturers of Soviet Union. One year later, the council of the union confirmed that the level of his work is above adequate for approving his membership.

Since 1977, he has been actively engaging numerous exhibitions on a republic and international level.
- 1989, Ravenna "New reality";
- 1989, Moskva "The youth of Russia"
- 1990, Avstralija "The Piramide show";
- 1992, Krasnojarsk "Decorative art of Sibiria";
- 1992, Munchen "Art week 92'";
- 1992, Moskva "I. All russian exhibition";

In 1993, he took part in a slovenian exhibition for the first time, which was a great success and highly accredited by the media.

Since 1994, he is the director of art design and redesing company, named R.A. d.o.o., creating unique ceramic art work and paintings, associated with Slovenian culture and tradition. Within these works, the folowing exhibitions and fairs have been organized;

- 1994, Ljubljana, studio "VIVO",850. anniversary of Ljubljana ";
- 1994, Center of Ljubljana, Prešernov trg, selling exhibition "Ljubljana – My city ";
- 1994, Nemčija, Mainc "Kunstler aus Sibirien ";
- 1995, Nemčija, Burg Stolberg "Kunstler aus Sibirien ";
- 1995, Ljubljana,"GraficalBIENALE 21 ";
- 1995, "1. Fair of ceramic artwork and pottery of Slovenia " vLjubljani, Gornji trg;
- 1996, " 11 Exhibition of domestical artwork ", Ljubljana city castle;
- 1996, " 2.Fair of ceramic artwork and pottery of Slovenia ", Ljubljana;
- 1997, Ptuj, "between the Slovenian Kurent and Sibirian Shaman "
- 1997, Hrvaška "5. WORLD TRIENALLE OF CERAMICS ". Awarded with an honourable diplom for personal achivements in ceramic artwork;
- 1999, First throughout exhibition of the Slovenian ceramics and pottery union;
- 1999, Portugal, Aveiro " 6. international bienalle of ceramics ". Awarded with an honourable diploma;
- 1999, Maribor, he was chosen to make a portrait of a famous figure in Slovenian history, A. M. Slomšek. The portrait has been successfully exhibited and sold in ARS SACRA studio.
- 2000, Avstria, Celovec "International ceramics fair. Awarded with a diploma;
- 2000, Croatia, "International ceramics 2000' ". Won third prize;
- 2001, Croatia, " International Ceramics 01' ". Awarded with an honourable diploma;
- 2002, Avstrija, " Internacionale Keramiktage Klagenfurt ". Won third prize;
- 2002, Croatia, "Flower pots 2002 ". Awarded with an honourable diploma;
- 2002, 2. throughout exhibition of the Slovenian ceramics and pottery union;
- 2003, Croatia, "Pehari za vino 2003 ";
- 2004, Ljubljana, "Slovenian ceramics 1964–2004 "
- 2006, Croatia, "The world exhibition of small and miniature ceramics LILLIPUT CERAMICS ";
- 2007, Slovenia, " Art symposium Metal Ravne 2007 ";
- 2008, Slovenia, " Art symposium XVII MOZAIK 2008 ";
His works are exhibited in museums and collections in Russia, Australia, Finland, Slovakia, Hungary, U.S.A, Japan and Slovenia.