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Stephen Mitchell

Stephen has had a keen interest in art for as long as he can remember. After realising this was the one subject he was truly passionate about, he decided to pursue a career in art by studying Illustration at Southampton Institute of Arts.

It was here that Stephens painting style began to emerge, influenced by the techniques of Degas and Walter Sickert.

After graduating, Stephen returned to his birth place of Cornwall. Drawing inspiration from the harbours and fishing villages surrounding him, Stephen developed a strong interest in landscape and seascape painting. These paintings proved popular in local galleries, as well as with art publishers, who were able to take Stephens art to an international audience.

More recently, Stephen has been inspired by mixed media and figurative artists such as Klimt, Kurt Jackson and Euan Uglow. Always keen for his art to evolve, he has fused new techniques and media into his work. By building up layers of texture, such as old photographs, newsprint and tree bark, his mixed media paintings have a rich physical quality.

Although his subject matter is diverse, a theme that can be found in much of Stephens work is a sense of serenity and mystery, heightened by his use of soft, muted colour schemes and ambient light.