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Tim  Fowler


• 2009 – Untitled Artist Fair
Independent artist fair, Chelsea London

• 2008 – Art in the pen
The north’s visual art fair, Skipton Auction Mart

Sheffield Hallam University

• 2008 – The End
The End Gallery, Sheffield

• 2008 – The Last Hurrah
Sheffield Hallam contemporary fine art BA degree show, Psalter Lane

• 2007 – SMASHED IT
Group video installation, The Psalter Pub

• 2007 – Colour of numbers
Psalter Lane Campus

• 2005 – Art and Design Foundation course show
De Monfort University, Leicester


• 2008 Contemporary Fine Art BA hons, Sheffield Hallam University
• 2005 Art and Design foundation course merit, De Monfort University, Leicester

Artist statement

My paintings are derived from urban environments. I paint a range of structures that make up cityscapes. My interests include modern architecture, listed buildings, iconic structures to derelict buildings. When taking or choosing a photograph I am mainly concerned with the composition of the picture. The chosen photo then becomes the starting point for my painting. However, they do not act as an exact template but more of a foundation.

I class myself as a neo urban expressionist. My paintings are partially recognisable images, which I like to distort with strong colour and abstract elements. I use acrylic and gloss paints. My techniques include using masking tape, airbrush stencilling, broken lines, flat colour, palette knife painting, mark making and the hardest technique – making mistakes. I find making mistakes helps me to discover a new sense of direction with a painting. I use a combination of these techniques and colour to create contrast within the piece. I create work concurrently, usually working on 6-10 paintings at a time. They draw influence from each other in terms of colour and technique. Colour, composition and contrast are the most important factors I consider when painting. I use the buildings postcode as the title for the painting. This idea came about when I moved to Sheffield to attend University. Moving house every year with the postcode changing in relation to the type of building and area I was living in. Postcodes give a clue about the location of a building without giving away too much information. The viewer might recognise some of the buildings, while others will seem alien to them.

Environment is an important influence in my life. This became noticeable in my work when I started university in Sheffield. Sheffield is a developing city and the contrast between developed and derelict buildings made an impression on me. I then began to develop my own method of painting trying to create contrast within my work. I would describe other artists’ work as a secondary influence. This is the start of my career as an artist, having only just graduated last year. I still have a lot to learn about the contemporary art scene but I feel I am rapidly evolving as an artist.