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Constantine Mogilevskiy

Constantine Mogilevskiy was born on 22 May, 1953 in Lugansk. He graduated painting in the Art College in Lugansk in 1972 . He graduated with honors from the Kharkov Art and Design Academy, specializing in monumental-decorative Art in 1981.

Since 1988 Constantin has been the member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. He works in oil painting, and monumental art (stained-glass, mosaics, fresco).

Constantine has participated in the exhibitions of art in Ukraine and foreign countries, artistic groups in Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia.
A lot of stained-glass in private and public architectural ensembles was done by him.

His Paintings are in private collections of Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, and USA.

The main theme of the Constantine Mogilevskiy’s still life is a beauty of things, which tells us something about our past. The combination of perfect technique and philosophical thoughts and moods makes his paintings unforgettable. That is why his still lifes finds so many admires all over the World.


1983-1996 - participant of 13 Ukrainian exhibitions.
1997 - International exhibition of plein air (Sekeshfehervar, Hungary).
1998 - Ukrainian exhibition "Picturesque Ukraine" (Lugansk).
1999 - Ukrainian exhibition "155 years since the birth of Ilya Repin," (Kharkov).
2000 - International exhibition of plein air (Sofia, Bulgaria).
2001 - Personal exhibition (Preko, Croatia).
2002 - Ukrainian exhibition "Picturesque Ukraine" (Donetsk).
2003 - Ukrainian exhibition "Picturesque Ukraine" (Lviv).
2003 - Ukrainian exhibition of decorative art (Lugansk).
2004 - International Exhibition of Painting and Drawing (Zadar, Croatia).
2004 - Ukrainian exhibition "Day of the artist" (Kyiv).
2004 - Ukrainian exhibition of plein air (Zaporozhye).
2004 - Personal exhibition (Zadar, Croatia).
2005 - Ukrainian exhibition of decorative art (Lviv).
2005 - Ukrainian exhibition "Picturesque Ukraine" (Kirovograd).
2005 - Ukrainian exhibition "Victory Day" (Kyiv).
2005 - Ukrainian exhibition "Day of the artist" (Kyiv).
2005 - Personal exhibition Gallery "Griffin" (Kyiv).
2005 - Ukrainian Christmas Exhibition of Decorative and Applied Art (Kiev).
2006 - Ukrainian exhibition "Modern Ukrainian Landscape" (Poltava).
2006 - Ukrainian exhibition "Picturesque Ukraine" (Odessa).
2006 - Ukrainian exhibition dedicated to the 15 th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine (Kiev).
2006 - International Exhibition Dalmatia eyes European artists "(Milan, Italy).
2006 - Ukrainian exhibition "Day of the artist" (Kyiv).
2006 - Ukrainian Christmas Exhibition (Kyiv).
2007 - Ukrainian exhibition "Picturesque Ukraine" (Ternopil).
2007 - Personal exhibition "The House of the God"
Mogilevskiy Family: Irina, Konstantin, Bogdan (Zadar, Croatia).
2007 - Ukrainian exhibition "Kuindzhi Memorial" (Mariupol).
2007 - Ukrainian exhibition "Day of the artist" (Kyiv).
2007 - Ukrainian Christmas Exhibition (Kyiv).
2007 - Personal exhibition "Croatia through the eyes of Ukrainians" (College of Culture and
Arts, Lugansk).
2008 - 5th National Exhibition of decorative and applied art "God's world as Easter "(Dnepropetrovsk).
2008 - Ukrainian exhibition "Picturesque Ukraine" (Dnepropetrovsk).
2008 - 1st National Exhibition of portraits "A human, an image, a person" (Kyiv).
2008 - Ukrainian exhibition of the artist's Day "70 years NSHU" (Kyiv).
2008 - Personal exhibition. (Lugansk, May).
2008 - Personal exhibition. (Kiev, September).
2008 - Exhibition dedicated to 50 years of education LOOSHU Artists Lugansk "(Kyiv).
2009 - Ukrainian Christmas exhibition of applied art dedicated to Primachenko
2009 - Ukrainian exhibition dedicated to 200 anniversary of the birth of N.V. Gogol (Poltava).
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