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Vera Lúcia Marmontel

Personal description:

I am a Brazilian artisan always ready for new challenges and circumstances. I am passionate by arts in general since I was a little child.

I studied the elementary and the high school in a French Catholic school, where I was quite encouraged by the French sisters to attend a Fine Arts program after finishing my studies.

They believed in my natural talent for arts, but I could not start it because I could not afford to pay a university education in that time. Then, I decided to study by myself learning and creating my own strategies of painting, decoration and fine arts by reading art books and magazines and due to my personal experiences as a student in some technical other painting courses or even as a teacher some years later.

Work description:

I work with porcelain, oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolour painting, pencil drawing, Bauernmalerei and Rosemaling techniques, personalization, decoration and painting in furnitures, ageing painting techniques, calligraphy, decoupage and also decorative painting for other purposes.

I am always trying to get up-to-date on international tendencies or new practices. This is why I have participated in some art fairs, such as the International Festival of Popular Arts (FEIAP) and also the World Social Forum (WSF), in its art sector, both in Brazil in the past years.