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Nicola Masuottolo

My name is Nicola Masuottolo, I was born in 1964 in Naples (Italy) and I’ve been painting since I was 9 years old. I started painting landscapes and views of the place where I live (the Phlaegrean Fields) first oil painting and then acrilic painting, but in the last period, after an exhibition in a roman archeological bookstore on the theme “The Cyclops”, I started with painting human figures modifying my thecnique in search of a major expressive liberty.
The last years output, exclusively oil paintings and totally different from the previous one, is a kaleidoscope of colours, texts, faces, figures and emotions, which have in common the telling of everyday life, the little and big protagonists of the period, the never solved or bad solved problems of world. An old but always topical voyage between East and West, which tries to persuade the conscience to reflect above cultures which, going through places, transform themselves and at the same time transform mysteriously the men, making them reflect on the necessity to understand their story and the humanity’s story. Painting can be a means to understand and I paint for many reasons. I paint to understand, I paint for myself, to create a social or political point of view, I paint as personnel therapy, to better under stand painting, I paint for a committee, I paint to sell my job, I paint because I’m an egoist, I paint to show beautiful things, to show horrible things, I paint for many other reasons I can’t either explain.

Thanks for your interest for my job.