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Ilsa Brittain

I am a female, UK artist, born 1963. A figurative painter in oils and also mixed media, my style is representational, working into abstract.

I studied Fine Art at Brighton University in the UK and the Surikov Fine Art Figurative Academy in Moscow.

I have lived and worked in many different countries (Cambodia, China, West Africa, Russia, Nepal). My work does not directly reflect my travels but I am constantly influenced by the universality of the human experience. My inspiration is life as a powerful force, an endless river of entwining opportunities and obstacles, a connection between all things. I use the female form to convey and express many of these ideas.

My work often operates on many levels where different viewpoints offer different interpretations. I also like for time to play a role in the pieces so while some elements can be very forceful and direct, other elements only become apparent after a while. In Figure Up Front, for instance, safety pins make up a large portion of the textural element. Its an element not immediately apparent in the painting and once discovered puts into question the initial interpretation of the figure.

Until four years ago I had spent a life time as an artist without a studio. My first exhibition since having my studio in Kathmandu, Nepal was a huge success and I sold over half the exhibition on the first night. I am now preparing my second exhibition for Paris and am looking for an opening in London.

I hope you enjoy and appreciate my work.