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Peter Gyenes

Péter Gyenes was born in Kecskemét in 1975. In 1998 he took degree in Szeged, at the Juhász Gyula Teachers' Training College, majoring in art and geography. For two years he was having further studies at the Experimental Art University under the supervision of Pál Gerzson, Tamás Cserna and György Bokor. As this University stayed only experimental, he is presently studying at the Hungarian University of Applied Arts, Visual Environment Culture Faculty to get his second diploma. Beside his studies, he also teaches at the Free Art School in Kecskemét.
" On my pictures light and water, or their relation to each other are the main characters. For me, the grasping of this relation is going to be a task forever. I am selecting the technique most appropriate for my purpose with this in mind, watercolour or pastel, as they are helping me most to impress the passing character of this relation, its freshness. On my oil canvases the light still is the main character, but there is a greater emphasis on the cast shadows, their rhythm, its colour varieties. I believe that various positioning of two-three things can get you into the endlessness of scenic effect."
His individual exhibitions: Szeged, Kecskemét, Budapest, Ocean City(USA)