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Christos  Hatjoullis

Christos Richard Hatjoullis; Co-founder & Creative Director of Shroomstudio,
Animation directors with studio facilities based in Hackney, East London.

Christos has directed & produced a diverse range of projects at Shroomstudio for 10 years with a mix of public & private clients. He has built an eclectic portfolio of films, gallery installations, international music tours, event experiences, branding & design, using a mix of traditional & digital techniques.

With interests in music production, composing, writing & photography, theatre and live installation work utilising microscopes, Christos constantly seeks to explore new territory, crossing boundaries & blending idea from sculpture, literature and film. He has evolved a style of capture and reconciliation which produces rich, iconic print based work, using a variety of digital image making techniques reflecting a history of being brought up amongst textile processes. He is also a keen lands sculptor working with chalk, but often creating temporary works from found objects; sand, stones, wood.

Recent Events

2011 - 'Planet Micromeda' - Rooms Launch Shoreditch Studios - Live Installation
2011 - 'Site Unseen'- Schlater Street, Brick Lane Gallery - Olympic Development Art
2011 - 'The Theory of Everything - Stephen Hawking, - Animation for film
2012 - 'Artists Eye' - Hackney Museum - Print work Exhibition
2012 - 'Iota-Scope' - live micro video performance piece for Kinetica Museum.


'Evolution Synthetica' - The V&A Museum... live installation using microscopes
'Branching Out'- The United Nations...Campaign & animated film 'Year of The Forest'
'Terra 2050' - Channel 4... Director & Producer, acclaimed television series
'The Green Party' - PPB....Director & Producer, PPB National Broadcast
'U2, PINK, The Rolling Stones, Joss Stone, Q-tip, Candy Lo... Stage / Tour design
'Michief' BBC series, 6 x 1 hr films. Animation Producer
'Power to the People' BBC series, 3x 1 hr films. Animation Producer
'A Whales Journey' 27 Award winning documentary. Animation Producer

BA Visual Studies - L.J.M.U

PGC Multimedia Technology - The University of Liverpool