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Dita  Driessen

Dita Driessen is a Dutch artist. She makes Aboriginal art inspired paintings. Dita was born and raised in Indonesia and got acquainted with the world's oldest art style through her many travels. After finishing college in Jakarta (major in architecture), Dita went to the Netherlands where she currently resides. She is a fulltime painter and exhibited her paintings in Dutch galleries. She teaches Aboriginal art workshops in primary schools in her free time.
All paintings are fully filled with small paint dots. Dita uses skewers to do this. As you can imagine this takes lots and lots of time. One painting can take up to 2 months for one painting.
Dita's works are popular in the Netherlands, Dubai and Jakarta. She hopes to acquaint the English people with her work through this site. For questions and photo's of Dita's work you can search the internet for Dita Driessen schilderijen.