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G. Alberto Nacci

I am self-taught. I manifested the passion for drawing since my childhood. I started using oil at the age of 18.
The starting point of my artistic path are the introspective experiences of the adolescence. Through painting I tried to give voice to the chaotic turmoil full of unravelling intuitions and contradictions of the adolescence.
Between 1998 and 2002 I lived in El Salvador. This experience deeply influenced the evolution of my artistic path.
Green is a mark of this period as well as blue is for the adolescence period.
I paint exclusively with oil, but I didn’ t actually made a decision between the possible tecniques; I used oil as the only one possible medium, because I think oil is the most uplifiting tecnique and the origin and purpose of Art being uplifting, the medium imposes itself.


The search of the Truth obsesses the life of many. But that same obsessing search distracts attention from the very object.
Truth is all around us, Truth is right in front of our eyes and it manifests itself with Beauty: the Perfection of Nature.
Therefore if Art is to be a path to the Truth, artists should be inherently concerned with Beauty.
“Beauty is truth, truth is beauty, that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know.” (Jhon Keats)
“Our language interposes itself between learning and the truth as a dusty glass a deforming mirror . The Eden language was like a clear window through which a light of full comprehension flowed.” (George Steiner, After Babel)