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Edward McNaught-Davis

Edward has been an independent artist (and writer) since 1989. Residing in the Llanon region, near Aberystwyth, in mid West Wales, he is inspired by much of the varying beauty of the Welsh countryside and its coastline. He prefers to paint/illustrate scenes depicting escapism and freedom but with a sense of contemporary responsibility. The common denominator among all of Edward’s pictures is the vivid sense of colour used to enhance a scene. He strives to achieve the right balance of colour to make the picture come alive so that you, the viewer, will feel part of it. Edward is inspired to do many of his paintings and it is quite common for faces and illustrations of people and animals to appear in his work and which he did not consciously put there. These additional inspirations are of subtle quality and blend in well with the composition. Edward uses a variety of wet and dry media; his choice often reflects not only the mood he wishes to capture but the depth of colour he wishes to achieve too. Painting in different disciplines allows Edward to transpose his skills and techniques across his preferred range of mediums. These include working in acrylic, oil, pastel, pen and ink, pencil and crayon.
Edward’s paintings, illustrations and cartoons hang in private collections within the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Australia and the USA. His work has been shown on regional UK Television. too. Edward has participated in numerous solo and shared exhibitions over the last 40 years.