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Patricia Colyer

Patricia Colyer Contemporary Landscape Artist
A contemporary landscape painter using oil, acrylics and sometimes less traditional mediums. I apply the paint and build a layered surface with the use of expressive mark making to symbolize the atmosphere of the reed beds, marshes, movement and life in the land, sea and sky. My work is about that sense of place, weather conditions, emotion and energy. I want to make each painting interesting and powerful; a unique story in itself.

"Patricia has immersed herself in the borderlands of earth, water and sky, and brings us with her into this creative fusion of people and place” Bruce and Helen, customers, Oxford

Paintings of the seascapes, reed beds and marshlands of the Suffolk coastline.
The inspiration for many of my recent paintings comes from Benacre Broad and Covehithe just north of Southwold where there is a history of coastal erosion and fallen trees scattered along the coast after the winter storms have uprooted the trees from the clifftops and swept them along the shore.

The landscape can act as a visualisation for the inner state of mind and being, as humans throughout history have attributed their own stories and notions to the landscape, so I see and feel a sense of wonder at this place at Benacre; whether the storms thunder or the quieter music plays through the reeds on the broads by the sea – to me it is a place of poetry, music and fine art.

I paint to discover something that can be quite elusive until it is expressed on canvas. I work intuitively allowing my subconscious feelings about a particular place and time to be revealed through the painting process. I often mix my colours before I begin as a kind of meditation which allows me to get ready to apply the medium to the canvas and as the painting continues the colours play their part in bringing the artwork together. I look for a strong composition with a particular area of focus and, with the addition of interesting marks, shapes and textures the painting emerges.

A theme that runs through many of my paintings is of the reed beds on the marsh and how the light shines through the reeds. I think this stems from a deep rooted family connection I have to the rural landscape of the marshes at Oulton Broad, North Cove and Blythburgh in Suffolk

Pond Gallery, Snape Maltings, Suffolk 28th April - 4th May 2016
Inspired By Becker Exhibition, Wenhaston, Suffolk 2016
Pond Gallery, Snape Maltings, Suffolk, 4th - 17th August 2016
and 13th October - 2nd November 2016