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Stuart Murray

Stuart Murray Biography in Art:

Born the son of a miner on 7th October 1963, I knew from an early age that my life would follow an artistic creative path.

This path has proved to be a strange winding road taking me through several periods of intense personal artwork explorations whilst working in other creative areas such as interior design and commercial artwork production.

In this biography I will concentrate on the fine art vain of my life and let the other creative areas drift into the background as they are readily available on the web, Just search for my CV.

Ok as I have already mentioned I was born in a mining town in the south west of Scotland and during my life have always had paint or other artistic mediums to hand.

My first major works were all carried out as oils on canvas or board which ever was available or cheep, this being the key word in those days. Theses works mainly comprised of commissions, for landscapes, pets, houses, the usual stuff that young artists work on to turn over some money, all in the cause of teenage pursuits!

During these years I was learning my craft, exploring multiple mediums and art forms through my extensive art classes under the tutorage of some wonderfully enthusiastic teachers.
I worked at this time in such mediums as; screen printing, photography, painting, sculpture and drawing both in pencil and charcoal.

On moving to Glasgow in 1983 to start my studies in Interior design with a fine art base I found myself involved in a new invigorating cosmopolitan environment.

Being surrounded by friends and other people from multi cultural and social back grounds studying everything from theology to nuclear science broadened my horizons, widened my knowledge and allowed for other ventures into the unknown and sub conscious areas of my being.

I started to work on pieces influenced by dreams and the natural curiosity of a young man. Multiple pieces were created, sold and stored away during this time mostly these were surrealist pieces using airbrush on board.

Although I painted in tandem with my studies at this time, I was reliant on private sales as exhibitions costs and organisation were a limiting factor. As a result several pieces from this time remain in my private back catalogue.

In 1987 I completed my studies and ventured into the world of commercial interior design which for a long time sapped my desire to paint for myself as my energies were being expended creating presentation visuals and multiple bespoke installations and art pieces for commercial and leisure sector interiors.

My period of apathy to my art was ended abruptly in 1994 when my world was turned upside down and the need to create for my personal sanity returned full tiller.
Dark pieces started to emerge from my inner self exploring my abject misery charcoal was the only real medium for that period as it’s dark powerful substance released my emotions.
Slowly I emerged from these times and opened my own commercial art and design business. This vehicle allowed me again to explore new techniques creating bespoke interiors for hundreds of pubs clubs and restaurants which were to include sculptures, murals, mosaics, stained glass and other pieces created in my Glasgow studio.

Now back in the land of happy people. In 2005 my wife and I decided to take a career break with our children in Spain.
There I started to work in Acrylic on canvas moving away from my photo realistic past into a world of colour and interpretation a bright view of the world carrying out commissions for the ex pat community to help our existence along. A time to be calm and happy.

Plans don’t always work out though and 2 years later we were back in Blighty
recouping and regrouping. It was back to design but in the commercial office market not the most creative stage in the world.

I toiled through this for four and a half years until the crash of 2006 finally took its toll and I was made redundant in 2011.

A new opportunity to go it alone again working in 3D visualisation and design and yes try to paint again.

So in July of 2012 I put brush to canvas and have again found the place where I am at my most intense and content!

A short introduction to my current catalogue of work.

The pieces in my current catalogue of work like may of the pieces from my past feature female forms and images.
I some pieces I have used the female form simply because I prefer painting women and the tale or transfers a feeling could be portrayed by either sex.

In other pieces the form of a woman is essential because they depict my fascination with the beauty and mystery of a wonderfully beguiling sex and their sexuality!
‘Natures sting in the tale, Gods great joke!
Two beings required to procreate a species, working together with rules in place but no rule book has ever been written!’