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Lloyd  Gill

Lloyd Gill

EMPTY is the pseudonym of the artist Lloyd Gill, who chose that name because of the duality of the word meaning, 'empty vessel, or 'empty emotionally'. EMPTY has been producing work recently on paper, card, canvas and wooden panels. His work allows creativity to take flight and run amok like white water bashing on river stone and every time he paints or draws the work is delivered in an automatism style derivative from Surrealism.
There are several motifs throughout the work and it is up to the viewer to recognise them. EMPTY likes to stay consistent with the work, which is gestural & expressive and uses street art as an influence by painting and drawing angular letters in the 'Wildstyle' method. He often makes cynical remarks of society and technology. Ipads are present, along with various caricatures, and anthropomorphic shapes shift in and out through the various elements. Biological parts, redundant female breasts and bottoms present themselves as an indicator for sexuality. Some works are more suggestive than others, as a representation of the burden of sexuality for both males and females.
The geometry and mathematic symbols articulate an interest in Science and mathematics. The triangles are suggesting movement, energy and help strengthen the composition.

Statement for Parallel Crossroads 2007

Continuously throughout life you will make many decisions that may or may not change the person you are. I am talking about life changing decisions, like getting married, moving house or making a career change. It would interesting to know how exactly the Universe adapts to the decisions made as there are many alternative roots. The Universe seems to constantly adjust to every single person’s decision and constantly expand. My idea is that a new Parallel Universe is created where a choice is made to do, or not to do one of the life changing decisions mentioned before.
The painting has explored three decisions in the lives of the couple; the first is moving house and is symbolised by a pair of cupping hands holding a new house. The second choice is a career change; symbolised by a crystal ball with an open door, suggesting the door of opportunity. The third is a cracking egg releasing light; which symbolises birth of child. Each decision has created a new Universe and the painting has been divided into three main sections to represent this.
Much the same as my other paintings of the last two years, I have integrated the Multiverse theory of Theoretical Physics into this painting, by over - lapping sections of skin and clothes with sections of architecture from the corresponding Universe. Very basically the Multiverse theory states there are other Universes floating in higher dimensional space next to our own. I was interested in the idea of what would happen if two or three Universes where to collide, and as an artist I depicted a vision of Universes over - lapping and colours changing, the truth would be more like a cataclysmic explosion that would be the death of the Universes involved, I prefer my idea.

Both Man and Women represent the expansion of life and the ever changing Universe. The couple are at rest and are either sleeping with eyes closed or in deep thought. I thought it was important to make a connection to the symbolised imagery with sleep and relaxation. This refers to dreams and how the subconscious mind explores into imagery that can be decoded to unlock hidden meanings. The couple look different in each Universe because of minor decisions made like hair colour and style. I enjoyed thinking of imagery that symbolised the choices made by the couple and this is an idea I will use again and develop.

Subconscious Singularity 2006
Where boundaries of reasoning are flexed, new ideas spawn. While dreaming or in deep relaxation, the subconscious mind takes centre stage and analyses the most surreal thoughts. In the work ‘Subconscious Singularity’, I have developed the idea of ‘M - theory’, and introduced a corresponding idea of how the Parallel Worlds can unite.
The subconscious mind is where memories, desires and attributes are stored. It is where logical reasoning is disengaged and where creative energies can be tapped into. The subconscious essence in the painting is connecting the Parallel Worlds together. The three Parallel realities connect due to the similar thought patterns, while in subconscious thought. The three females may be having the same dream as they are the same person, although they have there slight differences. This subconscious connection has brought the three realities together and caused the collision that we are witnessing.

The Parallel worlds seem to be cut out or zoomed in from a distance. This is to heighten the awareness that you the viewer are witnessing an event of colliding membranes in higher dimensional space out side the three Universes’.
There are perspective cues joining towards central vanishing points. This represents space and time compressed into infinity. At the centre of the vanishing point is singularity, where all space, time, mass, light and energy is broken down to absolute zero. ‘M- Theory’ speculates that in the event of Parallel Worlds colliding the result would be a singularity.

“Linde criticized this model because anything so catastrophic as the collision of two Universes might create a singularity, where temperatures and densities approach infinity” (1)

The painting explores both creation and death, in the sense of new realities being exposed and the realisation of ‘M - Theory’. The painting explores death by suggesting singularity after the event, where all space - time is broken down.

Artist name:
Lloyd Gill

Birth Date:
19. 09. 1979

Place of Birth:
Weston - Super - Mare

Sept 1999 - June 2002
University of Wales Institute Cardiff
B.A. Fine Art Degree (hons) 2.1

Sept 1998 - June1999
Weston College
Post A’ level National Diploma in Foundation Studies in Art and Design
Grade Distinction +

Sept 1996 - june 1998
Broadoak 6th form centre
two A' level Art and technology B and D

Weston College Governor’s Prize for Outstanding Achievement in the Creative Arts. 1999. Harry Walker RWA Memorial Young Artist Prize 2002


Upcoming: TBA

2009 The Big Ink, Charity Art Auction, Amersham Arms, New Cross, London.

2007 Contemporary Art for Christmas, The Lloyd Gill Gallery, Lee House 13
Beaconsfield Road Weston - Super - Mare Somerset

2007 'The future of Art in comparison with Modernity’, Lloyd Gill Gallery,
Somerset, Weston - Super - Mare

13th - 18th March 2007
The Light Gallery Ewacc Group show
5a Porchester Place London W2 2BS

23rd - 28th August 2006
Art in mind part 4
The Brick Lane Gallery,
196 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA
20th - 26th July 2006
Throgmorton & Untitled Gallery
27A Throgmorton St, London, EC2N 2CN
10th June - 3rd July 2005
Salon des arts, 191 Queens gate, Kensington, London SW7 5EU
30 September