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Andrew  Fitchett

A Landscape Under The Microscope
A new collection of paintings by Andrew Fitchett

‘A Landscape Under The Microscope’ exhibits 40 new paintings and drawings by Andrew Fitchett that take miniature treasures from the Sussex landscape and magnifies them into bold new paintings.

The result of an 18 month project to delve deeper than the immediate appeal of the landscape, the collection investigates what the landscape is actually made from. Playing with scale on a level usually associated with scientific investigation, the spot of a Garden Tiger Moth is enlarged to 1m square, the cracks and fissures on a calcium coated fossil expand to fill your field of vision. These often overlooked elements that make up the bigger picture are, on close examination, every bit as exciting and full of variety as a panoramic view.

Working with oils as a foundation, Fitchett brings a sense of abstraction to his work through rich textures and surfaces achieved by adding gesso, chalk, ash, charcoal and other materials from the environment he seeks to represent. Contained within powerful compositions that echo his Graphic Design experience in the music industry and finished with an attention to detail reminiscent of Victorian natural history illustration, the paintings become icons and symbols that sum up the character of the Sussex landcape.

Fitchett says “By moving away from conventional landscape painting and exploring the use of symbols and icons I wanted to find a new way for my paintings to serve as a visual witness to a place. I also wanted to return to the deceptive simplicity of a well designed record cover and move away from the brush-stroke as the dominant texture in my work. The popularity of the sphere in graphic design and its abundance in nature are an obvious feature in this new collection and my use of organic materials from the Sussex landscape is a deliberate move to give the work a strong regional accent.”

Following a career in Graphic Design and Advertising Andrew has concentrated on his own creative work for the past 12 years. Although working mainly with oil on canvas drawing is at the heart of Andrew’s work, which explores the contemporary reality of our relationships with nature and visa-versa. Whether it is a telegraph pole serving as the venue for a congregation of Starlings, a hillside scarred by path-making, or the animal/human relationships of folklore narrative, he is fascinated by the many ways in which the human and natural world interlink.

Exhibiting regularly in the South East and London, Andrew has shown his work in Holland’s Natural History Museum in Leiden, The Mall Galleries with the Society of Wildlife Artists and has been represented by Londonart since 2003. Andrew also teaches Portrait Painting, Observational Drawing and Pencil and Charcoal drawing courses at West Dean College and has published articles in The Artist Magazine.

Andrew’s paintings are in private collections in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Norway and Canada.


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