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Michael Forbes

A Synopsis by Jazz singer/Art critic George Melly

Michael Forbes is an extremely accomplished painter. So much is clear from even a cursory examination of his work. However its not how well one can paint in the academic sense so much as what one does with this ability. and here it strikes me that Mr Forbes,who was born and brought up in the extreme North of Scotland, has been granted access to a poetic world all the more remarkable given his isolation. It is not a comfortable world. There is a great deal of tension, of alienation, and of menace in the strange events taking place in the landscape of his imagination, Balloons fish, animals sinister personages, dramas and disasters about to happen, and a certain black humor, are his subject matter.

His pictures are what the leader of Surrealism, Andre Breton demanded of a work of art, Windows opening to an inner landscape. They are truly impressive.

2002 Commission to paint the band Travis

2000 Commisioned to Paint the poster for the London Underground.


2002 Castle Gallery, Inverness

1999 Unicorn Gallery LONDON

1997 Chalk Farm, LONDON

1996 Firth Gallery, EDINBURGH

1995 Gallery 41, EDINBURGH

1993 Gallery 41, EDINBURGH

1991 Flying Colours, INVERNESS

1989 Eden Court, INVERNESS


2002 Pivotal Gallery, Glasgow

2002 Kilmorack Gallery, Beauly

2002 Glasgow Art Fair

2002 Thompsons Gallery, LONDON

2002 Dublin Art fair,

2001 Glasgow Art Fair

1999 The Affordable Art Fair, LONDON

1999 Lovers and Victims,Beaux Arts, BATH

1998 Artists of Fame and Promise, Beaux Arts, BATH

1998 The Glasgow Art Fair, GLASGOW

1997 Sotheby's, LONDON

1997 The Royal Scottish Academy, EDINBURGH

1997 Flying Colours, LONDON

1997 Leith Gallery, EDINBURGH

1997 The Glasgow Art Fair, GLASGOW

1997 The New York Art Fair, NEW YORK

1997 London Art Fair, LONDON

1996 Thomson's Gallery, LONDON

1996 The Royal Scottish


1996 The Glasgow Art Fair, GLASGOW

1995 Compass Gallery, GLASGOW

1995 The Beltane Spirit, HIGHLAND COUNCIL

1994 Eton Contemporary Art Gallery

1993 Hilton Hotel, HONG KONG