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Eric Weiner

Eric G. Weiner


New York 1970’s:
Photographic and Film Work
Film Forum
Greenwich Village Camera Club
Jefferson Memorial Library
Focus Gallery
Lecture and Exhibit at the United Nations
Video, mixed media, craft shows, design
Toronto 1975 thru 90’s:
Isaac Gallery (mixed media & performance art)
Trinity Square Video (Video)
Partisan Gallery (photography)
Art in the Park on the Bark for a Lark (High Park) (watercolours)
Queen’s Quay Gallery (product design – lamps)
Virtu 7(product design)
Numerous craft shows (woodwork, sculpture, lamps, found objects)

Most Recent Exhibitions:
ArtWorks, Oakville Town Hall (Juried show)
Distillery Works Show, (Juried show) Toronto
Scotia MacCleod Building, Oakville (Oakville Arts Council Juried Show)
John B. Aird Gallery (Society of Canadian Artists Juried Show)
Toronto InsideArt Expo (Toronto Metro Convention Centre)

Artist Statement

I have found that in life and art "getting oneself out of the way" can allow greater things to happen. If we can leave aside our egos, prejudices, and even our sensibilities - deeper things have a chance to emerge. We are the product of a billion years of evolution. If we allow things to emerge from the interior without prejudging - there is a chance to tap a much more interesting pool than just the relatively small puddle of our limited individual and cultural experience.

My work often takes the form of an extended series—each image begets yet another—which in turn is parent to the next. As each image evolves out of the one immediately preceding it, internal cohesion; themes and often-unconscious narratives between images can be seen.

I generally work quickly, without preconception. I sometimes feel like a weak man dragged along by a powerful dog. The work takes me where it wants to go. When we arrive, I look around and am almost invariably intrigued by what I see. I hope you are too.

I do all my own printing using Ultrachrome Archival pigmented inks. This is a new generation of inks/printers that allow long-lasting archival prints with a fuller colour gamut than previously possible. These prints are also free of what previously plagued such prints i.e. "metamerism" where in prints would appear with radically different colour casts depending on the lighting conditions with which they were viewed. My prints are made on archival matte or semimatte papers and very occasionally on archival canvas.