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Richard Morris

Born in Jersey (C.I.) in 1953, I spent my early childhood in Nigeria, West Africa. Schooling in England followed and holidays were spent in West Africa until the outbreak of the Biafran war when the family returned to the UK. Having completed a graphic design course at Bournemouth College of Art, I began my career as a graphic designer in London. For the past 25 years I have worked as a freelance designer but now spend as much time as possible painting, specialising in wildlife art, possibly due to my time in Africa. I work with both acrylics and oils, mainly on canvas and board. My interest in wildlife has developed as the conservation of our planet has become more important and indigenous species face extinction. Bringing people's attention to something other than what they see in their daily life may help save animals and perhaps help in the longer term. My aim is to try and capture something special in a painting - whether by use of colour, composition or texture. Fur, skin and feathers are all fair game and I enjoy the challenge of painting wildlife in general. I hope to paint more local wildlife in the future, as references are easier to come by.