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Vincent Au

(b. Hong Kong 1977)

Vincent Au graduated from University of Wolverhampton in 2000 and now works from his the beautiful south down studio in West Sussex.

Originally trained as a product designer, it was soon apparent that portraiture and figurative painting is by far his biggest passion. His paintings show a great love of narrative and it's a driving force in his work. From a very early age, Vincent and his work received recognition, appearing on national television at the age of eleven. When he moved to London in 1990, Vincent began to focus on improving his draughtsmanship. Inspired by a number of the great Masters he draws on specific areas of their talent to help him create his work.

'I am inspired by Caravaggio the master of light and shade, Turner for his dynamic movements of wind and waves, and Klimt for his decorative, personal and sensual paintings.'

Recently completing his studies at The Slade School of Art, Vincent specialises in oil on canvas. He hopes to capture the 'moment of the sitter', their personality and character through a controlled use of light, shadow, tone and colour.