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Corinna Button


My work comes from an insatiable fascination with people, drama and mystery. It’s inspired by many sources – sometimes quite an ordinary event or something obscure and personal. Autobiographical secrets or references naturally occur, however, I do enjoy conceiving characters and situations, frequently drawing on disparate sources, bringing them together in new and unexpected combinations. I often experiment with the human form and / or place them in fantastical situations to further capture and exaggerate identity or to emphasise a particular something about the human condition. In my mythological world people become musical instruments, a body becomes a boat or hair is played like a cello, they might grow wings – they might fly!

I have a very turbulent way of working – subjects continually change their original source of inspiration. Intention is often seduced into very different results once an image is taking shape – I like this – It’s the overlap of intent and accident that is most desirable because it impregnates the surface with a history and mystery. I bury and flood images with surface colour and texture, then dig them out again – excavating and scraping away, instinctively finding new inspiration in the underlying layer – new vocabulary, tools to build on my picture and bring it alive. This is why I love printmaking, it allows a very physical, intimate and intriguing relationship with paper, giving these exciting and sometimes inconceivable results.

I want my work to reveal a strong sense of atmosphere and feeling combining boldness with ambiguity which, for the viewer, also project recognisable significant aspects of the human experience.

1980 – 1981 : Foundation Course, Sheffield Polytechnic
1981 – 1984 : BA Honours – Fine Art, Leeds Polytechnic
1984 – 1986 : Advanced Printmaking, Croydon College of Art

94/96/98/2002 : Cupola Gallery, Sheffield
95/96/99/2002 : Nutley Gallery, Reigate
2001 : Gallery at Wrenn - Northampton
1999 : Windsor Arts Centre
1996 : Tam Tam Galerie, Budapest
1995 : The Davies Bailey Gallery, Battle, Sussex
1995 : Paris bas Bank, Luxembourg
1994 : The Custard Factory, Birmingham
1994 : The European Commission, Luxembourg
1991 : Finegold Contemporary Art, Halifax
1991 : Ross Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

2004/5 : ‘Originals’ – Mall galleries – London
2004 : National Society, Painters & Printmakers, Atrium Gallery, Queensway,London
2003/4 : C2 Comtemp’ Art – Bucks,
2003/4 : Gallery Kaleidoscope - London
2002/3 : Gallery One, Barnes,London
2001 : International Print Exhibition, Yale Gallery, Wrexham & touring
2001 : ‘Relativities’ International Exhibition, Abu Dhabi
2000 : ‘The Discerning Eye’ Mall Galleries, London
2000 : The National Print Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
2000 : British International Miniature Print Exhibition, Bankside Gallery
1999 : Open Print Biennale, Atrium Gallery, Queensway
1999 : Royal Academy Summer show
1998 : Sefton Open, Atkinson Gallery, Merseyside
1996 : Kunstgarden, Denmark
1995 : Gallerie Rose, Hamburg
1995 : FBA. National Print Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, London
1994 : Rothenstein Trophy, Scarborough & London
1994 : Royal Academy Summer Show, London
1993 : Royal Academy Summer Show, London
1993 : Galerie Editions, Simoncini, Luxembourg
1993 : Eastleigh Museum, Hampshire (plus 1 year tour)
1993 : Gardner Arts Centre, Brighton
1992 : National Theatre, London
1992 : The Royal Festival Hall, London
1990 : Seldown Gallery, Poole, Dorset
1990 : The National Theatre, London
1990 : National Museum of Fine Art, Malta
1990 : Barbican, London
2004 : Elected as member of the Royal Society of Painters and Printmakers
2005 : Workshops for pupils at Teddington School.
2001 : Workshop for students (A-level) & teachers / Northampton schools
2001 : Work chosen for ITV production
1999 - 2000 : ‘Artists access to Art school’, Wimbledon school of Art
1995 - 1998 : Lived, worked and exhibited in Hamburg, Germany
1990 : Teaching Printmaking to foundation students, Croydon College of art

Work in Private& Public Collections internationally incl’ the BBC & Ashmolean Museum, Oxford