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Colin Bellwood

Colin Bellwood divides his time between his native North of England and a studio in Seville, Spain. He has exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition, including 97 when two works were selected and the 2000 show where again two works were hung. He has exhibited also at The Mall Galleries and at the Imagination Gallery in London as well as in Leeds and the Lake District and by invitation in Dallas and New York.There have been one man exhibitions at the Coningsby Gallery in London in 2003 and the Dundas Street Gallery in Edinburgh in 2005. The paintings are a unique mixture of collage, oil and oil pastel and indicate a desire to balance a modernist surface texturing against the traditional subject matter of portraits and still lives. This texturing may still defy the reproduction of even present day technology, but the colour and the examination of form comes through (as does the occasional 'narrative' detail the picture in the top right of 'Helen on a Sofa' is the corner of Goya's 'Maja Clothed' and the cat looks at birds whilst its mistress reads a (love?) letter in 'Girl with a Letter and a Cat').Despite the exhibitions listed above, this is an artist who does not show frequently and who parts somewhat reluctantly with his work. Never the less there are pictures of his in an increasing number of private collections in Europe and America and a reputation that is being quietly but increasingly established.