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Rakhee S

Rakhee is an artist currently based in Bombay, India. Her paintings in oils and a form of stucco are painstakingly executed with minute detail. Her paintings, which involve intense craftsmanship, include figurative works portraying the beauty and grace of Indian women in ethnic formal attire, to carvings in the form of various kinds of décor. She also creates murals with various different designs which range from being contemporary to abstract in style on canvas and wood. Landscapes, seascapes, still life, etchings, stipling, nature (flowers, animals, birds), fabric painting, nib painting, drawings & sketches, designs (geometric, floral, ornamental, contemporary), as well as abstract paintings are the various other subjects explored by her. Her paintings are unique in their style of execution as they represent more of architectural work on canvas, her collection ranging over 15 years.

Apart from specialising in oil painting on canvas, Rakhee has constantly had the urge to use various media and multiple subjects. Her works also include different media like water-colours, pastels, acrylics, charcoal, croquil & ink colours, tie & dye and batik (which form the background of the painting), mixed media, etc. Besides, she has also created a significant collection of modern art paintings resembling earthscapes, historic ruins, underwater life, etc.

Rakhee’s first exhibition entitled “Enigma” was held in March 1998 at one of Bombay’s most prestigious art galleries, The Y. B. Chavan Art Gallery. Mr. James Butler, Royal Academician and renowned British sculptor met her in Bombay where he was most impressed by her works and he returned to Bombay to inaugurate her first exhibition.

In 1999, Rakhee was invited by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan at West Kensington, London to display her works. Fuelled by the marvellous response from critics, art lovers and the media alike, she accepted the invitation to go to England.

The exhibition was inaugurated on August 13, 1999 by the then Indian High Commissioner, Shri Lalit Mansingh, in London. This occasion was synchronised with the celebration of the Indian Independence Day and 400 people representing the crème of the Indian community residing in England attended the inauguration. She received a very good response from members of the Indian high society living in London as well as critical acclaim from the local media too.

In 2002, Rakhee was invited to exhibit her works at the Fresh Art Fair. The selection panel for the participants included authorities like the Arts Council of England, London Arts Board, etc. She took this opportunity to exhibit some of her paintings to a huge audience. The fair was held on July 19th – 21st, 2002 and it generated an excellent turnout. Approximately 15,500 people visited the esteemed venue, The Business Design Centre at Islington, London over a period of three days. There were around 180 participants, most of them local artists from England. This fair, being a national event, received excellent critical acclaim from the press and media too.

Being one of the only two international artists, Rakhee received an excellent response from the visitors including many art buyers and collectors, art-agents, people from prominent art-galleries, art journalists and critics. The figuratives, murals and carvings created by her generated considerable interest amongst art buyers and art lovers.

Rakhee exhibited at the Multi Cultural Celebrations at the reputed Beatrice Royal Gallery in Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK. The exhibition was open from 25th January, 2003 to 11th May, 2003.

Rakhee was invited to participate in a group exhibition at the reputed Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Bombay, India. This exhibition comprised of over 50 artists from all over the city. It was held from 24th to 29th March, 2003.

As a member of the reputed “Fine Art Trade Guild”, Rakhee had been invited to participate in a touring group exhibition of over 50 artists showing from 17th May, 2003 to 10th October, 2003 at various (seven) venues throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The exhibition was inaugurated at the Private Trade Preview at the Awards Event in the Royal Court Coventry on May 17th May 2003. This touring exhibition gives excellent exposure to Rakhee’s works to various markets and target audiences throughout the United Kingdom.

Rakhee was selected once again to participate in the Fresh Art Fair. The Fresh Art Fair 2003 was held at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London from 18th to 20th July, 2003. The fair once again successfully attracted approx. 9,500 visitors. This gave Rakhee another opportunity to showcase her works and meet art-agents and galleries.

Rakhee was amongst the 30 international artists at a group exhibition held from October 6th to 12th, 2003. The exhibition was a success and attracted a large audience. It was held at the reputed Atrium Gallery, which is a part of the renowned Whiteleys Shopping Centre, Bayswater, London.

Rakhee was one of the select few to be invited to participate in a unique new media experimental art show, Crow.d : Meeting of Minds held at the Pavement Gallery, Kalaghoda, Bombay, India. This was a part of the popular Kalaghoda Art Festival 2006 from February 4th to 12th, which attracted thousands of visitors. Rakhee's illustration (graphic designing) of a crow along with an expressive write-up was displayed at this exhibition.

Rakhee’s works were displayed along with senior artists of India and a few international artists too at “Colours of Life”. The show was held at the popular Cymroza Art Gallery, Breach Candy, Bombay, India from 24th to 29th July, 2006. This was a charity event, held in association with Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA).

Rakhee was invited by the Dorotheum Auction House to participate in a charity auction held at the United Nations Womens Guild (UNWG) 38th Annual International Bazaar. This event was held on 2nd December 2006 at the prestigious Austria Centre in Vienna, Austria and was attended by over 20,000 guests from across the world.

Other than fine arts, she is a certified Graphic Designer and has done several artworks in graphic designing too.

She has also done fashion designing and is a certified Fashion Illustrator. She has created many works in fashion illustration.

Rakhee has donated several of her paintings over the past few years for various charity causes.

Rakhee has always been a great enthusiast of performing arts like western dance and fashion shows. She has performed in approx. 45 shows ranging right from her college days till date.


“ Although Rakhee has had no formal training, she has developed into a dedicated and skilful artist with a unique vision. I was immediately impressed by the strange beauty of her work and am privileged to promote and assist in its introduction in England. ”
- Mr. James Butler, RA.

Member of :
Fine Art Trade Guild (FATG), UK
Association of Illustrators (AOI), UK

Private Collections :
Both in UK and India
Consul General of the Consulate of Netherlands