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Johan Nieuwborg

For more than fifteen years, I have been engaged in first in promotional art, soon also in glass in lead.

Later I developed my own technique.

I shape the lead using air pressure, and thus get tight strong forms.

The lead itself becomes invisible after the silver tin finish is put on, and the use of different patinas ensures variation in appearance.

In order not to lose spontaneity, I never make preliminary drafts: form and character develop as the work progresses.

'Science fiction' is what spontaneously comes to mind when confronted with my works.

Being an artist is not something you can learn. You can get an art education, but in the end...either you're born an artist or you're not.

There are lots of art education programs, nevertheless demand exceeds supply.

A strange matter is that if one looks at history, one notices that most great artists barely had an education or even have been rejected...this was the case, for instance, with Vincent van Gogh, who was refused by the art academy of Antwerp and Brussels.

Moreover, works nowadays considered as great art, did not receive recognition when the artist in question was still alive.

The amount of time I spend on a specific piece of art is irrelevant...each work is a life's-work.

A work of art is good if it claims your attention, and if there is something new to be discovered every day.

Johan Nieuwborg