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Chris  Harvey

My Name Is Chris Harvey and I have lived in Britain all my life, currently I am living in east London. My medium for over 15 years has been photography, however after getting a computer 4 years ago I dispensed with using film SLR cameras, and now I mainly use a digital camera. As I believe they give not only greater freedom in image creation. But is a lot faster in getting an image from the camera to getting the image printed out.

Not only do I use a digital camera but I use Adobe Photoshop to digitally manipulate my images, allowing me to create a wide variety of interesting images. I have no particular type of style, although I do tend to learn towards surrealism. My subject matter often changes from year to year as I prefer to stay fresh and interesting. The images that are on this site where all created within the last six months.

It is only in the last few months that I have began to try more traditional methods of creating artwork. This was thanks largely due to attending an art course at a local college which has allowed me to try out many different artists mediums. These new artistic mediums I will continue to practice on until I am happy with the end product.

The Images I have submitted to London Art where created whilst experimenting with moodier and more emotionally dark imagery.