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Anouk van Tetering


In 2001 Anouk graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, having also spent a year studying at the Chelsea College of Art and Design. She was selected for the coveted Erasmus Scholarship on the strength of her very early photo manipulation creations.

Now living in London, she has acquired a reputation as an important artist in visual manipulative art with numerous exhibitions in Amsterdam, London and Paris. In addition to her art achieving national recognition in the Netherlands, she is also now increasingly being recognised as one of London’s most exciting up and coming, young photographic artists. And there is a growing interest in Anouk’s work emerging from the Paris art scene (where she has appeared in numerous fashion and art publications) as a result of a number of successful exhibitions there in 2003.

By digital manipulation of her subjects on a black and white background, Anouk delivers strong and bare images. Her photographs are esthetical, sensual, and comical with a touch of glamour.


Urban Interior Fair, London
• Interior Design Fair at the Business Design Centre
On the Wall art fair, London - Group Exhibition
• Art Fair at Olympia
Red Cross Charity Auction, London
• Anouk's work was auctioned for charity


A Fleur de Peau, Paris – trio exhibition
• Exhibition at Pavillon de Paris
Shell exhibition, London – solo exhibition
• Exhibition at Shell Centre sponsored by Shell
Made Flesh, Nylon, London – solo exhibition
• launch of new nightlife & lifestyle company
Dutch Collection, London – group exhibition
• annual private exhibition of renown Dutch artists
Art du Jardin, Paris – group exhibition
• annual art & garden fusion exhibition
Gallery Art Bridge, Paris – group exhibition
• selected photographers show
Jewel of the Arts, London – solo exhibition
• launch of new series


Exhibition Tonight, Arena, Amsterdam – group exhibition
• promotional exhibition for young artists - opened by the Mayor of Amsterdam


De Kunstfabriek, Amsterdam – art project
• art project with China
Boomerangcard, Amsterdam – commercial distribution
• Nationally distributed postcard - promoting selected young Dutch artists
Robeco exhibition, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam – group exhibition
• action painting during classical summer concerts
Brand beer coaster, Netherlands – commercial distribution
• Nationally distributed in bars & restaurants
Graduation Exhibition, Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam – group exhibition
• graduation exhibition
Spring, de Veemvloer Gallery, Amsterdam – group exhibition
• selection of 12 Rietveld Academy artists


Chelsea Art Exhibition, London – group exhibition
• selected group of Chelsea art students


Park of the Future, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam – group exhibition
• selection of young artists from 50 academies of 50 different countries
Transito, de Veemvloer Gallery, Amsterdam – group exhibition
• selection of 12 Rietveld Academy artists


Art Didacta, Innsbrόck, Austria
• Austrian Art Academy – exhibition

Selected Publications

Icon, United Kingdom (Oct 2004)
British, The Netherlands (May 2004)
De Fotograaf, The Netherlands (Jan 2004)


Cosmopolitan, France (Dec 2003)
De Fotograaf, The Netherlands (Dec 2003)
Conaissance des Arts, France (Dec 2003)
Residences, France (Dec 2003)
Femina, France (Dec 2003)
Zurban, France (Dec 2003)
Elle Decoration, France (Nov 2003)
Shell Southbank Newspaper, United Kingdom (Oct 2003)