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Graham Holland

UK based artist graham holland : photographic artwork for exhibition : commission : advertising : editorial : publishing

"The star of the show is undoubtedly Graham Holland's digitally manipulated photomontages. In his world, the city isn't dark and brooding but light, buzzing and congested. He manages to capture both the optimism and the frustration of living in a metropolis where dreams can either be realised or crushed in an instant. He's an artist to watch for the future"
Grant Gibson - Editor of Blueprint / Aug 2003

Graham Holland is an award winning lens based artist, who specializes in creating evocative montages of the urban world. Graham co-ordinates commissions in advertising and wall based works with self initiated projects for exhibition. Graham's photographic and post production abilities have seen him work on assignment in Dubai, New York, Venice, Budapest, Rome and throughout the UK.

Graham studied BA Hons Fine Art at the University of Central Lancashire. Since completion of his degree in 2000, he has gone on to exhibit in over seventy exhibitions and is collected throughout the UK, America and Europe. Exhibitions include, Holland and Sexty at the Woolff Gallery, London Calling, Holland and Sexty at Kingly Court, Life in the City, London Art Fair, Xposure, Metropolis, Art New York, Windows, Still, Art Palm Beach, Spirit of Place, Contemporary Camera, Reconstructed Places and Location Location Location.

Graham's work has also been extensively featured in the TV programme Home on ITV and culture magazine Blueprint. Other media attention includes Broadcast, Property Week and A-N magazine.

Graham's commissions have included News International, Barclays, NHS, Carling, Allen & Overy, Starbucks, The London Studios(LWT), JD Wetherspoon, Pizza Express at Gatwick Airport, various Local Authorities, Bruntwoods(Official Partner Commonwealth Games) and Shaftesbury plc. Further commissions in Illustration have provided clients such as Honda, Q Magazine and a Agatha Christie project. Commissions are available at any dimension with copyright included.


BA (Hons) Fine Art (2:1) University of Central Lancashire, 1997 / 2000

* Marsh Farm Futures
40 metre Vinyl Banner created to cover empty shop hoardings

* Our Story
20 metre Vinyl Cinema Hoarding designed to cover derelict cinema

* Barclays Wall Art
Four artworks commissioned for Barclays HQ

* Book Illustration, Nathan Publishers
Image created for Agatha Christie book which depicts the murder scene.

* 18 Photographic images, including a 45m x 3m work on glass. Allen & Overy, London.
Allen & Overy moved into their new head office in London, a Norman Foster designed building

* Front / Back DPS for Q Magazine
Q Magazine commissioned this double page spread for the front and back cover of the Guilty Pleasures issue

* Photographic DPS for Honda Magazine
Honda commissioned this image as a double page spread for their magazine Dream. The images depicts a Feature Article about the cleaning of the New York Hudson River

* Photographic Wall Art for Starbucks
Starbucks commissioned this piece of wall art to depict the main streets and attractions of Blackpool for their new coffee house in the centre of Blackpool's main shopping district

* Photographic Wall Art, Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust
Commissioned by the Mid Essex Hospital Trust to reflect their onsite architecture and the local community. The final work was for a permanent feature in a new ward

* Photographic Wall Art, L & D Hospital NHS Trust
Commissioned by the L&D Hospital Trust to reflect their onsite architecture and the local community. The final artwork was for a permanent feature in the main entrance to the hospital

* Two photographic images, Greenhill McCarron for The London Studios
Commissioned by Ad Agency Greenhill McCarron for their client London Studios. The images which were used in magazines, as posters and reflected the studios London location and the faciilities and post production capabilities available for hire

* Photographic Wall Art, Carling
Commissioned by Carling to reflect the city of Liverpool for a new bar opening in the city centre

* Photographic Wall Art on Carnaby for Shaftesbury plc
Commissioned by Shaftsbury to reflect their property portfolio in the Carnaby Street area of London. The final piece hangs in the head office foyer in Central London

* Photographic lightbox, Carling
Commissioned by Carling to reflect the town of Hull for a new bar opening in the town centre

* Photographic Wall Art on Manchester, Bruntwood (Manchester Commonwealth Games Partner)
Wall art on display in the head office foyer. Reflects their property portfolio in Manchester

* 5.7m Photographic Wall Art, Harrison Ince for JD Wetherspoon
Commissioned as wall art for a new bar opened in Staffordshire

* Photographic image, Pictons Solicitors
Commissioned as a wall piece for their foyer

* Five photographic images on Rome for Pizza Express at Gatwick Airport
Pizza Express sent me to Rome to gather images to create a series of large scale prints for the walls of their new restaurant in Gatwick Airport

* Digital Installation / High Rise Projection, LBC
Professional projections from a building roof onto a high rise building

* Two photographic banners , LBC
Presented as vinyl banners

* Five photographic images on contemporary village life, SBDC
Presented as a series of postcards

Cityscape Text:
With the aspiration’s of the architect and the meticulousness of the town planner, the consequence of this space – our space - is destined to be concluded by us - the inhabitant’s. We create continuously this city in our own minds and image’s, unleashing our daily iconographic creation’s through London’s arteries - adding to the popular mythology.

The cities topography undulates, a mass of effaced structure’s, retold with every new sunrise and sunset. Each of our stories recreated on top of each other, layering our live’s in the same manner the structure’s surrounding our geography begin to layer themselves, trapped in a one way system, into a world deemed in disarray.

Our live’s, these map’s, these space’s, form a constitution contained in a perpetual flux, not due to the structure’s alone, but due to the unceasing surge of activity that makes up the populace of this urban space. Our city can never be truly learnt , turn down the street you walk daily with a different set of eye’s and new vision’s will be there in front of you - displayed on a blinding sarcophagus like plinth, awaiting your participation, your submersion into the everyday presence – to live that day’s holagraphic reality, then disappear as quickly as you came.

It’s not just our set of eye’s, she’s seen with many. Allowing us to roam in multifacted intersected vision’s, the everyday is now amplified – the lampost, the traffic light, the sign, the street furniture, text and repeating form’s and component’s - the mundane and the beautiful, pining down th