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Claire Mc Dermott


Claire Mc Dermott is a British artist who lives and works in London.
After 10 years of working in applied decoration McDermott has produced a portfolio of mixed media works using photography, painting and sculpture. The artist takes her inspiration from nature and by using microscopic equipment the viewer journey's is taken into on a journey into a miniature world of exploration. This exploration and research is then translated into a series of painting, sculpture or photographs.

McDermott uses mixed media to translate the transition of life. Going to Seed is a body of work that freeze frames the moment when one life ends and another begins. Sensitively comparing the life cycle of plants to that of our own by immortalizing the transitional process of a flower from origination to seed.

By using traditions, techniques and precious materials to produce illuminated and scapes drenched in gold. McDermott’s abstract appears at a glance opulent, but on further inspection are frozen and fossilized mini worlds.