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Raffaella Bertolini

Born in Geneva (Italy) in 1972 I started showing an interest in drawing since a very early age. I would sit for hours drawing frantically, inventing characters and stories.

At 15 I started art college (liceo artistico a.martini), where I had the opportunity to enrich my passion, by learning from some of the best established artists in my area, from whom I learned not only the basic techniques of drawing and painting, but also to develop my own personal style.

During the five years study I took part in different art projects with other students, one of them involved painting the old doors around the city of Savona.I gained my art diploma and I took part in a big art show at the old fortress of Savona (priamar).

After college I started working as a nanny, painting wherever possible and searching for new inspirations, in that period I sold some commissioned portraits and took part in some local exhibitions.

In 1998 I decided to come to London, I went to college to learn English whilst working in many different jobs, I carried on painting and drawing, creating lots of images of people from whom I get my inspiration.

In 2002 I joined an underground group of artists called "random artists", we exhibited in Liverpool street in a disused building, it was a 3 days event which included all different types of media, music, film and art,

For me creating art is a way to release energy and express my inner soul; I love to watch people and observe the many different ways that they exhibit themselves, and then to recreate the idea on paper. I love colours, I use different media, I like to experiment with different styles and I never know what I am going to do next…

Some of the exhibitions in, which I took, part includes art house at Lauderdale studio, May 2003. Diesel house studios, summer exhibition, June 2003. Chiswick Hall, Sept, Oct & Dec 2003, "Comic Art" Exhibition at Richmond Riverside Gallery 2006.