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Jeanne Peach

Having started years ago as student of well established Applied Arts College specialising in mini-sculpture, I have extended my skills in the direction of Fine Arts over time.

The turning point came when I won a competition to study at Arts Department of University. It gave me an excellent opportunity to experiment with various media and genres and finally led to concentrate on oil and watercolour painting which became my main area of work from this moment.

During my stay in France in 1999-2000 I benefited a lot by learning from local masterpieces abundant in the region while at the same time teaching watercolour painting to a group of talented amateurs. At the end of this period I succeeded to exhibit my portfolio and sell part of it at Institut Europenne d’Administration et Development (INSEAD) in Fontainebleau.

Currently I enjoy life and work in Hertfordshire

Please be my guest in my personal gallery which could be found by a simple search using my name Zhanna Pechugina.