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Liz Garnett

The pictures on this site are also available in different sizes and also as canvas or ilfochrome prints. If you are interested in a different format please contact Londonart for more details. Each are limited editions or one offs.

All the photography is film based photography.


Art photographer specialising in manipulating film negatives to create edgy contemporary images. Liz Garnett's work has featured in Kent Life, Professional Photographer and Aspect County magazines.

Colour plays an important role in Liz Garnett's work and inspiration is drawn from architecture, shapes and patterns.

Her work is concerned with strong graphic composition and experimentation with photographic processes. The majority of her images are abstract or semi-abstract. Recent work includes: emulsion lifts, cross processing, photo montage and images on hand-made paper.

Liz has exhibited and sold her work internationally and regularly exhibits in Kent and London.