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Christine Harfleet

I am a trained and experienced artist working in fused glass sculpture, painting and photography.
I exhibit regularly in galleries and public buildings and on commission.

Educated at Goldsmiths College of Art in Fine Art, where I gained a degree and postgraduate Diploma.

I work and exhibit as an artist.
Spent much time travelling and sailing round the world, leading expeditions in sailing and diving.
Worked as an art teacher to various age groups
Run a very successful Design dept in Roedean School
Taught Design at University level
I spend most of my time on sculpture and painting now, working from a currently expanding studios complex. In sculpture I work with kiln formed glass and metal. My work is based upon themes of the natural world interwoven with ideologies.

Recent exhibitions

Brighton Artists Gallery
The Grange Art Gallery Rottingdean Brighton (solo)
Baker Tilleys
Hartingdon art exhibition
Brighton Festival Exhibitions
Commissioned pieces:
Roffey Park Conference centre
Water sports Centre in Ardeche France
Education Centre in Bangkok Thailand
private house commission in South America
windows commission in Brighton
solo exhibition in Paradise Park Botanical Gardens
solo exhibition in Liquid Landscapes Gallery
windows commission in Rottingdean
Haywards Heath Gallery

Artists statement

My work is based upon an endless fascination and appreciation of the earth and its natural rock formations, fossils with their hidden secrets, sea and water movements and plants and cell life. Drawing forms a strong foundation for my ideas. I often work from sketches or remembered significant images. The glass sculptures are kiln formed and combined with other materials such as metals, chemicals or enamels. Pieces may be hung or free standing or like pebbles to be picked up and handled or even worn. The beauty and fascination of solid to liquid and back to solid state seems to be in keeping with the subject matter, making the whole process one of total excitement. 3D pieces are freestanding and mounted on glass uprights with glass or metal bases or for outdoors concrete bases. Other pieces are wall or window hanging . If you have coloured walls the wall hanging pieces can be mounted on a white backing board. Glass is a very strong and durable material and its colour has a magical quality and depth that any other material cannot achieve. It also changes with the light at different times and conditions of day and lighting conditions.