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Abi Oguntokun

Textile art/design:

The development of art fabrics is so recent and so varied, it defies classification into a discipline; it shares with modern painting a common vocabulary - tools and material, the results and application is however different.

My style is combination traditional method of tie & dye, batik and finally application of pigments to fabric. I have employed technological ingenuity, and enjoyed experimentation and manipulation of material as stimulated by new concepts in art in the 20th century.

The techniques and process


Originally from Indonesia and Africa, batik is the name given to the process of applying resist dyed pattern to clothe. As applied to the different coarse of cotton, the special feature of this process is that those parts of the dyeing operation are protected or 'reserved' with a coat of wax. This protective coating is reapplied to different parts of the cloth for successive dye-baths until desired colour combination and form is achieved.

Tie and dye:

Pinches of cloth is wrapped and tied tightly with string/thread. When the fabric is dyed, the binding resists the dye and when unfolded leaves a pattern on the cloth. Tie-dyeing is related to batik in that it is the binding that acts as the resistance, and in batik it is the wax.

In addition...

I add finishing touches of spray paint, I hand paint the fabric, lino printing, stenciling, and sometimes I bleach sections of the fabric. The order in which this happens I interchange, giving uniqueness to each design. I initially decide on picture and effect I want to convey and use the mediums to capture and create a finished product through careful manipulation of techniques and materials.


I have lived half my life in Africa in Europe where I gained knowledge and techniques at Art College in the England. My ideas have come from African and Indonesia art, tapestry, rug designs and textile designs; my inspirations from nature -blues of the sky, sea and trees and earth colours. The finished fabrics, which can be displayed in any environment - home or work, should bring the human spirit a feeling of calmness, joy and happiness.