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Abi Oguntokun


Abis art is inspired from all that is around us. Her art is influenced by her natural environment but she also finds beauty in the built environment. Abi aims to create fun, movement, style and harmony in her work.

Abi has lived in 3 different countries and her art is influenced by her lived environment. She is passionate about all forms of art. Abi initially started using tie and dye and batik as a medium of expressing her art. Her designs were made into fabric. Abi has now turned her creativity into poster prints for the home and office.

Abi uses texture and shapes to achieve a feeling of movement in her work. Tie dye, with batik have now become the background on which my art is further inspired. I work with lino, paint,pencils crayons, and experiment with grade, texture colour card. Each art piece is it's own creation and has infinite possibilities of expression. The the use of different medium, texture and creativity is evident in her work.

I love colours, shapes and textures. My aim is to create art that is aesthetically pleasing and also invoke the feeling of harmony and style.