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Pinto Pinnock

Pinto Pinnock was born in 1956 in Manoharpur, a small town in Bihar, north eastern India, 300 miles west of Calcutta. The youngest of eight children he came to England in 1957 with his parents. The Anglo-Indian family were driven out of India by increasing political hostility toward Europeans in India’s push for ‘swaraj’ (self rule). The family left a life of luxury to become ‘working-class’ in the north east of England. Pinnock is a racial and religious melting-pot. His grandparents were German, Portuguese and Indian. His grandmother, a German Jewess (nče Rosenburg), was sent to India to marry a Portuguese Catholic from Goa! Pinnock feels this confusion of backgrounds influences his inspiration as he has no fixed style and never plans work ahead visually or temporally.