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Amy Bernays

I am a painter and animal trainer living and work in Los Angeles. I graduated with a BA(hons) in Fine Art from Central St Martins College in 2001. I use my day jobs to influence my art practice. Using my art practice as a window into managing a dude ranch under the Hollywood sign and now, training animals in major films and TV shows. My work is a mix of paintings, prints and drawings; behind the scenes narratives, landscapes from London and California, mono print series from an east London strip club. Influences include Kate Marshall, Degas Vettriano

There is a colorful, playful mixing of narrative painting and celebrity reality in the behind the scenes series that originated in the prints and drawings of the working girls and clients of an east London strip club. Bit like modern history painting but instead of a great noble war itís the antics of Paris Hilton and the pony.

My landscapes are an idealization, "Sometimes I want to crawl into the landscapes that I create, build a house there or make a sand castle. I see a perfect future, an ideal man, a woman I would like to be, the land I want to return home to." Like the dreams of cows or a crystal lake on a hot dusty day.

Exhibited: Art for Youth, the Mall Galleries, London 2008
Exhibited: Behind the Scenes, Arclight, Los Angeles 2008
Exhibited: Water Show, Hammersmith, 2005
Exhibited: New Blood Art, Beverly Hills 2003-present
Exhibited: New America, Beverly Hills 2003
Exhibited: Cannibal Flower, Los Angeles, 2003
Exhibited: BA (Honors) Degree Show, Central St Martins College, 2001
Exhibited: Exhibit 99, annual showcase of fine art from all London Institute colleges, 1999
Exhibited and co-curated: Foreign Bodies, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Bloomsbury, 2000
Exhibited: Mythic Garden, outdoor sculpture park in Devon, 1997, 1998
Exhibited and curated: The Elgin Marvels, The Beat Bar, Portobello Rd, 2000
Exhibited: Students Gallery, London & New York 1998, 1999, 2000