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Sarah Walpole

Predominantly, I find my work drawing on the complexities of the human experience, no doubt influenced by my studies in psychology. The pieces are manifestations of the different experiences we undergo and the effects this has in shaping the individual. These experiences are sometimes personal or those experienced vicariously, the only importance being that they have touched me in some way for this is what fuels my creativity.

Although the work often addresses the darker facets of emotions, they work on an aesthetic level as well, aiming to entice in the viewer, to experience whatever I have to say. If the viewer takes the step to enter into and interact with my pieces, exploring and reading between the lines, it is hoped that something inside them is equally altered, communicating a broader repertoire of emotions than originally thought. Such disguising of the true message is done purposely, trying to reflect how we act in real life accepting surface actions or appearances as ‘read’ and preferring not to question or explore within.
I hope my work encourages it’s audience to look below the immediate surface and be open to whatever they may unearth, positive or negative.

Ba Hons Psychology & Fine Art (1st)

Exhibitions list:
2006 Artist of the month for Brighton & Hove Life magazine (Sept issue)
2006 Window exhibition in Brighton designers & makers
2005 Finalist in Brighton Artist 2005 Artat5 gallery
2005 The Dog house group show as part of the Brighton Festival
2004 a-Mart art supermaket concept, Cole & Porter Arts Bradford-on-Avon
2004 The Brighton Fringe Festival Art Trail.
2004 Art at The Oriental Hotel, group show.
2003 'Contemporary' exhibition at The Claremont, Hove and at Cheltenham Place, Brighton in association with
Caroline Brown
2003 Window exhibition in Brighton Designers & Makers
2003 Brighton Fringe exhibition at Pressure Point
2003 IO Gallery group show
2002 January show ‘Precise and Precious Pieces’ at IO Gallery, Brighton.
2002 Exhibition at The Pelirocco Hotel (ongoing)
2001 Exhibited at B.A.G. II as part of a group show and a solo show in Modbury, Devon.
2001 Commissioned by ‘Same Sky’ to produce piece for an installation and performance art project
2001 Brighton Festival, showing in both an open house as part of the ‘Prestonville Trail’ and with Trafalgar Studios.
2001 Baileys Irish Cream promotion (beer mat artwork)
2001 Solo exhibition at IO Gallery, Sydney St., Brighton.
2001 London Media Centre-Solo show.
2001 Brighton Media Centre, Group exhibition.
2001 Trafalgar Art Studios Open, Group exhibition.
2001 St-Art Festival Brentwood, Group exhibition.
2000 Em Space, Brighton.
2000 Millennium Book Project, Group exhibition.
2000 Bath Fringe Art Festival, Group exhibition.
2000 Battersea Art Centre, Group exhibition.
2000 Leicester Art Gallery, Group exhibition
1999 Worcester University, Group degree show.