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Darko Alexander Lazic

Darko Alexander's professional background is Classical Painters Academy and full time studies of Architecture. He has been practicing figurative artist for twenty five odd years. Now lives and works in Shoreditch London UK.

All aspects of his Art are governed by Light and Effects this ever-present Natural phenomena has on us and our surroundings. Abstract aspects of light are sometimes less then obvious but we all still register them without fail. Beside light his artistic preoccupation is with old industrial buildings still to be found in East London. Old factories, warehouses and old brick and mortar in general posses strong magic and subtle charm but capture and transformation of these qualities into tangible art has proven quite elusive for quite some time. Regardless of his previous experience with other cities and his considerable skill with traditional art media Darko Alexander had to make radical switch from his longtime favorite media oil painting to alternative techniques in order to achieve imagery truly sympathetic to this historically hard to pin down subject.

London is old and very complicated city which like nervous human sitter resists all artistic approaches and traditional media efforts aimed to capture it's elusive charm and soul. These Giclee prints of London less known areas and authentic attractions represent first to artist positive result of his sustained efforts. Modern New Age media - methods of image capture, processing and representation have proven in this case as right choice more than capable of true and very real artistic merit.

London Streets four years latter are still ongoing Project and Artists very intimate diary of visual journey into this ever changing subject.

Note on Artwork: Due to web limitations Index artwork pictures are low resolution and as such they do not convey full impact of actual HQ A2 prints thus to understand better what you are looking at you’ll need to use a bit of your own imagination to visualize actual finish as not being straightforward factual photograph but watercolor with plenty of fine arty detail.

Pigment inks and paper used for prints are both of Archival quality guaranteed for 75+ years. This under normal display conditions (indoors, framed and not in direct sunlight). Standard prints on Double weight Matt Paper are not numerated but editions are not expected to be larger than 100 prints Max. Limited-Editions are printed on High Quality Art paper and are editions of 65x prints. Prints on canvas are special order only. Other print sizes beside Standard (A2) offered here are Small (A3) and Large (A1).