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judy clarkson

I was born in December 1964 and grew up in Harrogate, near Leeds. After leaving school I attended St. Martins School of Art from where I attained a degree in Fine Art. Initially I was a painter but after leaving college I felt a need to get back to basics and decided to concentrate on life drawing, which I have continued to do ever since. I see in the human figure a kind of living sculpture, something that just by being there constitutes the insoluble problem upon which our consciousness is based, the rock upon which we founder, the car in which we crash over and again, the only means we have of achieving true intimacy. I see humans as shaped in their physicality by the dynamics of this quest, this one and only quest for contact with others, by their desire to control the only vehicle they have for achieving it, by everything from the cars they drive to the food they eat and it is in this light that I approach my drawings. My aim is to show that which is and no more, to demonstrate the combination of facilitation and barrier which constitutes any given pose, in other words to practice until I achieve the closeness of true simplicity.