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Nicholas Ashton

Nicholas Ashton graduated in 1983 with a First Class Honours Degree in Fine art from Sunderland College of art. His work at that time was concerned with the personal, psychological, physical and spatial relationships between people and their everyday activities. The work was mainly three dimensional and often involved the incorporation of found materials, although traditional materials such as wood and bronze were also utilised. Nicholas was also producing large scale paintings as a parallel activity on similar themes.

By 1984 he was working exclusively in wood making figurative pieces based on precise observation of the human figure in motion. This was a very interesting time in the development of his art and culminated in some monumental work on a grand scale.

Nicholas has been working and living in London ever since attending St Martins School of Art and has produced much work for exhibitions and private collections. He has been prolific in his output and has produced paintings, sculptures, drawings and mail art. He is currently exhibiting in a group show in Botswana.

The work currently on the London Art site comprises paintings in oil. The theme is aerial perspective and inspired by the view that he has from his studio in South London.