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Timothy Cushan

Having recently returned from India, documenting the fading “Camel Tribes” of Rajasthan, Tim is currently in Los Angeles to premiere his latest series Elephant Skin. Cushan calls the world his “Universal Home,” traveling the globe to capture not only the beauty of his subjects, but also their collective wisdom.

The artistry of his photography is born from a passionate connection with animals and their inherent capacity to convey a deeper truth. Tim’s ability to reach into the heart and soul of these creatures and other “beings” to capture and identify their link with humanity has resulted in his striking trademark style.

Tim photographed his subjects for Elephant Skin at a rescue and rehabilitation reserve in Thailand. In contrast to many nature photographers whose subjects are recorded using a long telephoto lens, Tim utilizes a wide-angle lens at close range. This enables him to get within a few feet, and sometimes nearly under these magnificent, endangered creatures. Moving among them, he creates his intimate signature portraits, capturing the essence of these highly intelligent animals in a way that is entirely unique.

'While it was humankind who needed them, their survival is now reflective of man’s own survival, inextricably linked. It is never safe to assume that what appears benign is at our command'.
'Big does not mean clumsy and sure-footedness does not require ten toes'.

Tim Cushan recently redirected his work to fulfill a deeper desire and purpose to communicate
photographically beyond advertising to exclusively document the delicate inter-related balance of humans, animals and the planet.
Tim’s photographic essay, Elephant Skin, provides an insight into the spirit and soul of the elephant, exploring the creature’s intimate and mindful relationships with one another.
What is revealed is a powerful subconscious symbolism - a connection with the archetypal and mythical nature they effect in humans.
It is an emotional, character-driven journey that offers a doorway into a world that boldly displays the sustainable vitality, love and spirit inherent within Earth’s greater community.

Born in Melbourne, Australia 1966. Tim's father was a commercial illustrative photographer. As a child I thought in pictures and images were a powerful tool with which to transmit understanding and interpretation of the world. Photography was more a natural path to follow rather than an obvious one and I took the traditional route of becoming a 1st assistant then freelance assistant in preparation to stepping into commercial work.
I believe that an image can be imbued with the power,magic, humour and beauty to teach and inspire beyond language, age, time and culture and remind us of the truth of ourselves and the world we share'.

"ElephantSkin" is the first, and currently nearing completion, the installment of Camel Tribes - the Dromedaries - is the second offering, followed by the companion images - the Bactrian, or two- humped Camels - scheduled to be photographed in 2010 in Mongolia and Ladakh.
This is a trilogy of 3 very iconic animals that reside deep within our psyche and intimately share our history. The third is to be the Horse.

Exhibited Works

2007 Art Melbourne, Australia
2008 Craig Olsen, Los Angeles, USA
2009 International Photography Show, Venice, USA
2009 Stueben, New York,USA