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Jonathon Simone

As rumor would have it, I was brought kicking and screaming into this world wearing a beret and holding a paint brush!
But then again, it is only a rumor...
Thanks Mum...

Although English, Italian by birth, my childhood years were spent being systematically dragged around the four corners of the globe, and by the grand old age of sixteen, I'd resided in Asia, Africa, South America, and most of Europe.

Of all the exotic places that were to contribute in the forming of my character, Asia, I feel, was the most influential. There, life seemed both ageless and timeless, it seemed the people and their culture had a strangely dramatic impact on the way I viewed the rest of the world.

As an adult, I continued to travel, my thirst for art, knowledge and understanding being the driving force. Although unaware at the time, I was completely without a feeling of belonging. This feeling would stay with me for many years, until again I was drawn back to Asia, finally settling in Bangkok.

Bangkok is a metropolis.
Every day begins a new chapter.
And even after all these years, I still find excitement and inspiration in every moment...

Art to me, is the creation of fantasy and illusion, a world to where one escapes form the never ending mediocrity of everyday existence...

I do hope you enjoy my work.