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Rolando Lambiase

Born in Salerno (Italy) in 1945, I took a diploma at the Institute of Art in my hometown in 1965. In 1975 I got a degree in modern languages an taught Italian in England and English in Italy. I retired in 2004. My first steps were guided by Maestro Mario Carotenuto, my art teacher for 3 years.
My painting styles have hardly radically changed, impressionism post-realism and expressionism with the French Masters being my main inspiration.
I have had several solo and group exhibitions during my career as a language teacher: in England, Germany, Northern and Southern Italy.
Permanent member of Centro Artisti Salernitani, an art association operating mainly in Salerno.
Latest exhibitions:

- 2009: - Galleria Alba, Ferrara, Italy (group)
- Galleria Rossoocinabro, Roma (group)
- Villa Carrara, Salerno Town Council (solo)
- Town Hall, Montoro Inferiore, Avellino (solo)
- 2010: - Galleria Rossocinabro, Palombara Sabina, Roma (group)
- Town Hall, Montoro Inferiore, Avellino (solo)
- Villa Carrara, Salerno (group)
- Yacht Club, Salerno (group)
- Ave Grazia Plena, Salerno (group)
- Palazzo Genovese, Salerno (group)
- 2011 - Tempio di Pomona, Salerno (group)
- Palazzo Genovese, Salerno (group)
- Camden Art Gallery, London (group, 6 works - 21 Apr./1 June)
- Villa Carrara, Salerno (group,Nov.19/26)
- Yachting club Salerno (group, 9-16 Dec.9
- Galleria Rossocinabro, Roma (group, 'Arte Sacra', 27 Dec. 13 Jan.2012)
- 2012 - Gallery Steiner Art & Wine, Wien: "Impressions", 3-24 April
- Domus Talenti, Roma, Art Shopping for Christmas, December
- Chiesa S. Andrea de Lavina, Salerno "Sacro in Arte" (group), Dec.