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Kevin Fleming

I live and work in Scotland, and specialise in Scottish landscape and seascape oil painting using pallette knives to create textured impasto effects with rich undiluted colour. The main subject is the west coast and islands of Scotland, and occasionally the highlands and east coast. Artistic emphasis is on dramatic, beautiful colours and fine detail with an occasional touch of humour, creating a rich contemporary expressive aesthetic. I exhibit widely in Scotland and my work is held in private collections throughout the UK, and further afield in germany and the far east.

I have also created a limited number of abstract works in enamel paint which deviate from my landscape interests. These abstract works contain and express my response to modern technology, information networks, abstract flows, resistances and morphic pathways of all sorts, simultaneously conveying both my wonder and critical hyperactivity. They are intended as a document, cross-section and catharsis of the relationship between modern networks and human subjectivity grasped from a totalising and abstract aesthetic perspective.