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Paul  Wadsworth


1992-94 Ipswich College of Art and Design
1994-97 Falmouth College of Arts BA (Hons) Fine Art

Selected Exhibitions

Solo Shows

2001 Majlis Gallery, Dubai. Residency
2002 Badcocks Gallery, Newlyn. Exploring the use of gold and mixed media in painting
Kings Road Gallery, London
Majlis Gallery, Dubai. Two month residency
2003 Kings Road Gallery, London. “Eastern Jewels”. Exploring imagery from travel in the Middle East
Majlis Gallery, Dubai. Month residency
2004 Beside The Wave Gallery, Falmouth. “Coast to Coast”
2005 Kings Road Gallery, London
Majlis Gallery Dubai. Large mixed media pieces
Badcocks Gallery, Newlyn
The Wave Gallery, Falmouth.” Open Spaces”
2006 Goldfish Contemporary, Cornwall
Majlis Gallery Dubai. Two month residency painting. Dubai Art Fair
2007 Majlis Gallery, Dubai
2008 Young Gallery, Penzance. Solo show on the sacred and profane
Campden Gallery, Chipping Campden
Dubai residency. Gulf Art Fair, Dubai
2009 Caxton Contemporary
Majlis Gallery, Dubai

Group Shows

2002 Pilgrim Gallery, Holborn, London
2003 Gallery 27, Cork Street, London
Woolffe Gallery, London
2004 Anthony Hepworth Gallery, Bath
2005 Hunting Art Prize, London
Newlyn Gallery, Cornwall
2007 Campden Gallery, Chipping Campden. Exploring images from the Middle East
Stronarch Gallery, Ireland
Abu Dhabi, art paris, Bait Munza Gallery, Oman
2010 Bait Munza Gallery, Oman

Projects and Events

2000 - 2010 Travel in the Middle East, Arab Emirates and Oman to paint and gather resource material.
2004 Elected to be a Member of Newlyn Society of Artists
2007 Tresco Gallery. Large collection for Tresco Estate
Collection for Saudi Arabian Investment Bank
2008 Black cloth project. Working with the model
2009 Collection for Barclays Bank Dubai. 80 originals
Working on book to be published Arabian Love Story 2009
Janet Rady Fine Art
2010 Majlis Gallery. Book signing and print show from Arabian love story book goes to the Abu Dhabi Royal Family
Newlyn Gallery, Cornwall. Black cloth project video


Tresco Estate

Barclays Bank Dubai

Saudi Arabian Investment Bank

Painting out in the landscape is a great inspiration; the moods of the sea, the big skies, deserts changing colour through the day, the pure energy it gives you that you can transfer onto the canvas. To me it’s not about trying to illustrate what you see but more to do with capturing the essence of the day through the use of oil paint.
The tools I use are brushes, pallet knives, large paint scrapers and quite often my hands. Paint is applied and quite often scraped off then reapplied until I can feel my way into the painting. This process can sometimes take awhile before something starts to happen on the canvas. I try not to start a painting with too many preconceptions thus allowing for the work to change and develop with as much freedom as possible.
All the paintings that I work on location are taken back to the studio where I have time to live with them and possibly make some changes over a period of weeks.
The pure physical act of painting is what allows me to put myself into the work; sometimes throwing the paint, flicking paint , scraping the paint or working the surface with my hands are all ways that I can find a way into the painting and start to find what I’m looking for. Some paintings , before I consider them finished, have been through so many changes that I feel they could have been one of four or five other paintings.
A painting is a combination of many things but, for me, becomes finished when a balance of chaos and control is found through the use of composition, colour, movement and self.