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Les Vinicius

Vinicius I. Les
born on 17th of November-1987 in the city of Baia Mare, Transylvania-Romania.

I am the 4th child in a family of 5 (3boys-2girls).
My father, an artist as well: ceramics terra-cotta artist, potter and painter, introduced me to the world of arts, ceramic and painting in hi's studio since I was 5 years old.
I graduated from the High-School of fine arts obtaining my certificate in ceramics after which I've obtained my Bachelor Degree from the Fine arts and Design University of Timisoara.

West University of Timisoara
Faculty of fine arts and design
2007 - 2010
Specialization in painting Prof.Dr. Cristian Sida and Prof. Dr.: Romul Nutiu
Fine arts high school of Baia Mare
2003 – 2007
Specialization in ceramics

2006 Personal exibition, Baia Mare
2006-2010 Colectiv Exhibition „Automn salon”, Local library, Baia Mare
2007 Medieval poses, Local library „Petre Dulfu”, Baia Mare
2009 Student’s art salon, UAPR Gallery, Baia Mare
2010 Student’s art salon, UAPR Gallery, Baia Mare
2010 Group exibition „Arts House”Gallery, Timişoara
2010 Group exibition, „UNA” Gallery(National Arts University), Bucharest
2010 Group exhibition „Helios” Gallery, Timişoara
2010 Colectiv exibition, Timis County Council – „The Whater and the Turbine”, Timişoara
2010 Colectiv exibition, the Art Museum – The salon of visual arts, Timişoara
2010 Fine arts biennial „Gheorghe Petraşcu”, 10th edition, Târgovişte
2010 Painting exibition - „Portrait”, Triade Gallery, Timişoara
2011 Personal exibition – „Searches and stages”, Student’s cultural center, Timişoara