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Agostinho Manuel Bento de Oliveira


Agostinho Manuel Bento de Oliveira is a Portuguese artist born in 1967 in Mozambique. In 1975 he moved to Portugal where he attended high school in the School of Decorative Arts "Soares dos Reis at Oporto. Ever since he has been deeply linked to the world of art and design, as a teacher of visual merchandinsing techniques, running his own business of home design articles and doing various jobs as a theater scenographer never forgetting to develop his ever-evolving own unique style both in his paintings as well as in his mixed media artwork.


Secondary school of decorative arts "Soares dos Reis"
Finalized en 1986-1987


- Introduction to Scenography.

- Commercial Decoration and Visual Merchandising (Escola Profissional do Sindicato de Comércio de Porto).


- December 2011: "Lyrics of Fado" in "Mama Inés Café" (Chueca, Madrid). Individual Exhibition. 30 days.

- October 2011: "Lyrics of Fado". Municipal Gallery of Ourém. 30 days.

- July 2011: "Caligrams- Linear Poetry". La Buga del Lobo (Lavapies, Madrid). Individual Exhibition. 30 days

- May 2011: "Londr'ArtExhibition 2011". Sponsored by Art Caffe London and ArtItalia Promos. Acquire Gallery. London. 7 days.

- December 2010: "Poiesis" in "Mama Inés Café" (Chueca, Madrid). Individual Exhibition. 60 days.

- September 2010: "N.A.R.C.O.-art Trafficking". La Boca del Lobo(Lavapies, Madrid). Collective exhibition. 2 days.

-December 2010: "Angel y Parejas" in "La Buga del Lobo" (Lavapies, Madrid). Individual exhibition. 30 days.

- December 2009: "Voyeur" in "Fragle Pop" (Chueca, Madrid). Individual Exhibition. 30 days.

- December 2009: "Angel y Parejas" in "D'Mystic" (Chueca, Madrid). Individual Exhibition. 30 days.

- August 2009: Exhibition of Several collections in "Mama Inés Café" (Chueca, Madrid. Individual Exhibition. 30 days.

- 1992: Individual Exposition in Cine-Teatro Florbela Espanca (Vila Viçosa).

- 1993: Individual exhibition in Évora, Portugal

- 1986: Collective exhibition. Young artist's price of the insurance company "Fidelidade" (Portugal)


- Londr'ArtExhibition 2011: Finalist. Sponsored by Art Caffe London and ArtItalia Promos.

- Mention of honor at the 1986 edition of the exhibition of young artists of the insurance company "Fidelidade".