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Sonya N. Plotnicka

Sonya N.Plotnitskaya is one of those artists whose work attracts constant interest of the public. A graduate of Lemberg Art Academy for the last 12 years has been showing her outlook through her paintings. Being in between real and conceptual positions of life portrayal, she is looking for the fringes of their harmonic connection. Her spiritual world-view is close to artists-pathetics, who portray multifaceted thought by the language of forms. The artistís allegories and generalizations have light and lyrical character with clear and sound voice, varied and flexible plasticity.

Her paintingsí leitmotiv is love. In her painted novellas she is a master of omission, of meaningful implications; she knows how to charm not by what she said but by what she didnít say. Many of her works are signs and symbols in their own way.

Common stylistic of such paintings is furthered by their interpretative fashion with mixed mode of execution. Oil, tempera, acryl lighted with bronze, silver and gilt produce sharp and fresh paintings. There are no accidental motifs. Each of them produces in our mind a wave of reciprocal compassion.

Joyful and blessed view of life as a highest treasure goes in clear line through all her works.

T. Anisimova, art critic